Matt Flinner Trio East Coast Tour

I am back on the road for an eight gig jaunt with the Matt Flinner TrioMatt Flinner Trio photo2 small and there will be Music Du Jour. Ross, Matt and I will be composing pieces on the day of each show to premier that very night.  This news is late getting out there and I’ll keep it brief.  A quick rundown looks like this:

Aug 21 Middletown, CT; the Buttonwood Tree, 8 pm.
Aug 22 Atco, NJ; House Concert, 8 pm.
Aug 23 Brooklyn, NY; Jalopy Theater (plus workshops?) 8 pm.
Aug 26 Portland, ME; Acoustic Artisans, 8 pm.
Aug 27 Portsmouth, NH; Book and Bar, 9 pm.
Aug 28 Boston, MA; Park Avenue Congregational Church, 8 pm.
Aug 29 Montpelier, VT; Sweet Melissa’s, 8 pm
Aug 30 West Newbury, VT; Town Hall, 4 pm.

Come by if you’re close or spread the word if you know someone near.  We’ll be as friendly and entertaining as we can be, I promise.

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2 Responses to Matt Flinner Trio East Coast Tour

  1. Friday, August 28 in Arlington, MA (just outside Boston).
    Buy tickets in advance and get 10% dinner at either of two nearby restaurants.

  2. Andy says:

    Hi Eric,
    Hope you had a great tour of the east coast with the Trio. Look forward to seeing the Trio perform in the Denver Boulder area sometime.
    Welcome home.

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