Hello world!

This is the new web presence of bassist Eric Thorin.

Contact me at 303.956.4573 or ethorguy@gmail.com

I’ve just created new shows and video pages.

Jeff Austin Band…

Jeff Austin Bandis out.  Been having a blast playing alongside the likes of Jeff, Danny Barnes and Ross Martin.  Look for shows across the US in 2015. The album, Simple Truth, dropped on February 10th and has garnered dozens of raving reviews and one horrific panning.  I’ll post links when I can.  Come see us sweat.

love runner small

Some recent projects include another Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore album I had the honor of producing.  It’s called Love Runner and was released on the 14th of January 2014.  It was such a blast tracking with such great intuitive players.  Thanks to Rich, Eric Moon, John Magnie, Marc Dalio and Glenn Taylor for creating such an amazing canvas for Mollie’s power house vocals.  Also Jessie Burns and Gabe Mervine and the folks at Mighty Fine Productions.

Matt Flinner Trio photo2 small

Also The Matt Flinner Trio is back in the studio recording a third collection of music written in a day Music Du Jour style.  Ross Martin on guitar, Matt playing mandolin and I’m hanging on for dear life.  Shows coming in May.


Jake Schepps has released the recordings of commissioned composers Mark Mellits, Matt McBane and Matt Flinner writing long form pieces for bluegrass ensemble. Also included on the recording is a challenging piece by Gyan Riley.  Stay tuned for purchase information and performances.

Check back often for shows and news.  Thanks…  ET

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